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Drivers in Stockton: Get the Car You Want Today at Tracy Mazda

At Tracy Mazda, we’re here to help drivers in the Stockton area drive away happy in the car they want today. Our finance department offers a wide variety of auto financing options to help you find the one that works best for you and your budget. Tailored and customized to your unique situation, we can get you behind the wheel feeling confident and worry-free. Located in Tracy, we are only about 25 minutes away from Stockton. Here’s how to find us:

  • Get on CA-4/I-5 S from N Center St
  • Keep right at the fork to continue on I-205 W, follow signs for San Francisco. Interstate 205/Interstate 580
  • Take exit 6 for Naglee Rd toward Grant Line Rd
  • From Naglee Rd, turn left onto Auto Plaza Dr
  • You’ll see us on the right-hand side at 2680 Auto Plaza Dr

Buying vs. Leasing

When shopping for a car, one of the most important aspects to consider is whether buying or leasing is a better deal. The answer depends on what type of driver you are, as there are many pros and cons to both buying and leasing. Let’s take a look at a few.


One of the major benefits to leasing a vehicle is that you may be getting more car for less money. That’s because the loan is based on the residual value the car is worth at the end of the lease term, which usually runs about 3 years. That means, as the car is expected to depreciate in value, you are only making payments on that lower expected amount, not the full price of the car.

Leasing can also be beneficial if you only have a small down payment saved up, or if you are a driver that enjoys all the latest and most innovative technological advances, as leasing will lend you both.


On the other hand, leasing a vehicle comes with a number of restrictions you won’t have to deal with if you choose to buy. For instance, most lease terms come with road mileage restrictions and don’t allow customizations or updates to be installed. So, if you put a lot of rubber to the pavement or want to make certain alterations, buying may be the better option for you.

Buying also is attractive because of the promise of that sweet last car payment. After years of monthly payments, there comes a time when you own the car outright and no longer need to figure in a payment into your monthly budget. With leasing, you never get to that point.

Learn More Today

Stop in today to find out more information from our financial department and explore all of your auto-financing options. Learn more about the pros and cons of buying versus leasing and find the payment plan that is going to be most beneficial to your unique situation. We hope our Stockton customers come see us soon!