Leasing or Buying a Vehicle? Tracy Mazda Can Help!

Whether you’re considering buying a new vehicle or leasing one, if you’re in need of a new car, look no further than Tracy Mazda – your local area Mazda dealer. Our financing department is dedicated to getting you behind the wheel today with a payment strategy that fits you and your lifestyle. Located at 2680 Auto Plaza Drive, we are right across the street from the Department of Motor Vehicles in Tracy.

Overview to Leasing a Car

Leasing a vehicle can be a great option for Tracy drivers. Leasing allows you to pay the residual value of the vehicle based on its expected value at the end of the lease term, rather than the full price. It’s also a better option if you only have a small down payment and if you enjoy having all the latest high-tech and safety features of new vehicles, since lease contracts usually run about three years.

Some other factors to consider when leasing a car is that the lease contract limits the number of miles you can drive. You also are restricted with what types of alterations you can have done on the vehicle.

Overview to Buying a Car

Buying a car also has a number of benefits and if you like to keep your vehicle for as long as possible, then buying is a better option for you. Also, if you decide to buy you don’t have any of the restrictions you would have on a lease such as mileage limits or alteration constraints. So if you drive a lot and want the freedom to customize, buying is the way to go.

Disadvantages to consider when buying a car rather than leasing is that you are taking more of a gamble with its resale value in the coming years. Also, buying usually requires a larger down payment in contrast to leasing, and the smaller the down payment, the longer the length of your car loan, which means you could end up paying more in the long term.

Stop in Today to Tracy Mazda

So whether you are on a tight budget or have more flexibility, we can work with you, whatever your given financial situation. We are eager to help our Tracy customers decide if leasing or buying is the better option. Contact one of our finance specialist or visit us today to find out more!