How Do I Perform an Oil Change?

September 20th, 2018 by

oil change

Miles from your daily drive from Tracy to Manteca can add up fast, causing your vehicle to wear down if not properly maintained. Fortunately performing regular oil changes according to your vehicle’s schedule is a great way to minimize the damage. If you think your oil is ready for a change, schedule an appointment with one of our techs or check your oil and follow the instructions below to do it yourself:


  • Assemble your tools. You’ll need gloves, plastic sheeting, a filter, filter wrench, drain pan, safety goggles, rags, funnel, oil filter gasket, and fresh oil.
  • Start the vehicle and let it run a few minutes to warm the oil.
  • Turn the vehicle off and jack it up.
  • Make sure the vehicle is stable.
  • Locate the oil drain plug.
  • Place the drain pan beneath the plug.
  • Pull the plug.
  • Allow the oil to drain.
  • Remove the oil filter and ALL the old gasket.
  • Wipe down the area with clean rags and replace the oil filter and gasket.
  • Replace the oil plug.
  • Add oil according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Recycle the old oil and oil containers.

It’s that easy, but if you would prefer someone else do it, check out our service specials designed to save our Stockton neighbors more on the services they need. To learn more about our services, how to open the Mazda key fob,the best car wash techniques, or even to compare the Mazda3 vs. Honda Civiccontact your Lanthrop area service leader, Tracy Mazda, today.

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