What is KODO Soul of Motion Design?

November 25th, 2017 by

Kodo Design

Mazda believes a vehicle is more than the sum of its parts. We see it as a living creature that develops a strong bond with its driver, just like the relationship between horse and rider. It’s from that relationship that they developed the Mazda design Soul of Motion philosophy, a vital part of the Mazda brand.

Ready to Pounce

Riding isn’t exhilarating without a touch of power and confidence from the animal you’re riding. Mazda Soul of Motion understands that relationship, so the ultimate form of each vehicle is based around the power and elegance of an animal pounced to leap.

Next time you see a new Mazda, notice the flowing lines and strong, muscular curves. There’s an animalistic vitality there that makes the model more than metal.

Soul of Driving

Design cannot occur in a vacuum. The way a vehicle looks needs to mirror and complement the way a vehicle feels, and Mazda understands this. Sculpted and beautiful though each model may be, design responds above all to the soul of the vehicle. Whether focused on power, capability, or simple driving fun, you’ll see the character of the drive within the curb appeal of the car.

Expert Craftsmanship

The finest design principles are nothing without the skilled craftspeople needed to bring such inspiration to life. The KODO design, Soul of Motion, design is realized by:

  • Interior Designers: Extensive interior work goes into bringing a pleasurable drive through thoughtful design. New features are seamlessly integrated, and comfort is united with style.
  • Clay Modelers: Before setting a Mazda in steel and aluminum, each model is finely sculpted in clay to bring life to the concept and explore how it can be refined.
  • Expert Fabricators: Life-size models are painstakingly perfected, providing a vast retinue of imaginative designs to be adopted for the completed vehicle.
  • Master Painters: Bringing the stunning final touch, a master painter selects the perfect colors and hues to highlight striking beauty and flowing lines.

Visit Tracy Mazda to View the Culmination of KODO Soul of Motion Design

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