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Why Sell Your Used Car to a Dealership?

As the chip shortage continues to delay the arrival of new vehicles, used cars values have reached historic highs. Meaning you can get more for your used car. If you are thinking of selling your car, you may be wondering if it is better to sell it to a private buyer or sell your car to a dealership. A private sale requires more work and more risk on your part. At Tracy Mazda, we make it easy, quick and safe to sell your used car.

Advantages of Selling Your Car to a Dealership


At Tracy Mazda, we make it possible to sell your car and get paid in one visit. Start with a free, instant online valuation to get your CARFAX estimate, then schedule a no-obligation professional appraisal of your used car. We will make you an on-the-spot offer with no requirements to conduct repairs or get a detail service. If you accept our offer, you can get paid that day (with proper paperwork) or choose to trade-in and trade-up to a new Mazda!

Selling your used car by yourself can be a daunting task. Think about all you will need to do:

  • Research the value of your vehicle and find an asking price
  • Advertise the car on online: write a description, take good photos, wait for responses
  • Handle emails/calls, give out your personal information
  • Meet with strangers and go on test drives
  • Negotiate or haggle the price
  • Potentially get the car detailed or take of maintenance or repairs

Cost Saving

A shiny, clean car will generally get a higher resale value. And a professional detail may be required from a prospective buyer. However, this service can cost hundreds of dollars. Private buyers may also ask for maintenance items to be taken care of before purchasing.

When you trade-in or sell your used car to Tracy Mazda, we take care of the detailing, recondition your vehicle and handle all of the DMV paperwork! You bring your proof of ownership, records and keys, and we’ll take care of the rest! Choose to get paid or upgrade to a new vehicle with a higher down payment.

Existing Auto Loans are OK

If you still owe money on your current vehicle, it may be hard to sell it to someone else. Lenders typically keep the title to your car until the auto loan gets paid off. Most private buyers will see that as a red flag and pass. 

The finance experts at Tracy Mazda will work with you to pay off your current auto loan so that you can sell your car sooner. And if you choose to finance a new auto loan, Tracy Mazda finance can assist you in getting a great rate!


Selling your car to a stranger carries significant risk. Meeting people off the internet can be dangerous, and there are plenty of scams out there. Checks can bounce or be forged, cash bills may be fake, and Venmo or PayPal transactions can get canceled. You may think you got a big payout, only to find out your car is gone and the money wasn’t real.

Tracy Mazda offers guaranteed payment in a safe transaction. As a reliable Bay Area business, we offer fast, secure payment in an environment you can trust.

Get Fair Market Value

Start with a free, instant CARFAX valuation to see how much your used car may be worth. Tracy Mazda always offers fair market value for your used vehicle. And our experienced auto technicians expertly inspect your vehicle to provide an accurate quote. Selling to a private buyer leaves you at the mercy of their feelings on its perceived condition and value.

Selling your Car in California

California law requires more steps than many other states. When you sell your used car privately, be prepared to:

  • Get a smog certification
  • Fill out & submit DMV transfer forms
  • Complete the California Certificate of Title
  • Disclose odometer reading
  • Some vehicles or situations require extra paperwork, including commercial vehicles, family member transfers, autos with a missing license plate, sticker or title, and more

When you sell your used car to Tracy Mazda, we handle all of the paperwork for you! 

No matter how you decide to sell your used car, it is always a good idea to tidy up the inside of your vehicle, get a car wash and bring all keys and accessories with you. If you added after-market parts or accessories, be sure to bring a record and mention them, as they can add more value to your quote. And remember to bring proof of ownership, any maintenance records and remove anything you want to keep!

Tracy Mazda in Tracy, California, offers a fast, easy, safe way to sell your used car. Take advantage of historically high used car values to get more for your used car. There is never any obligation to buy from Tracy Mazda. And it doesn’t have to be a Mazda to sell your used car to Tracy Mazda! 

Looking to trade? Tracy Mazda will happily work with you to trade in your used car and trade-up to a new Mazda or used car from our lot in Tracy, CA. Value your trade with a free, instant CARFAX valuation, then set up your free, no-obligation professional appraisal from Tracy Mazda. Tracy Mazda is your Easy Bay Area Mazda dealership!