Tracy Mazda Proudly Serves Drivers in the Manteca Area

Come to Tracy Mazda – your local area Mazda dealer – where our dedicated staff can help you find the right vehicle for you and help you decide whether buying a new vehicle or leasing one is better for you, your lifestyle, and your driving needs. Both options have pros and cons and we customize and tailor payment plans based on your needs and what will serve you best, so you can get behind the wheel of the car you’ve always wanted today. Located in Tracy, we are about 20 minutes from Manteca. Here’s how to get to us:

  • Get on CA-120 W
  • Take I-205 W to Naglee Rd. Take exit 6 from I-205 W
  • Turn right onto Naglee Rd
  • Turn left onto Auto Plaza Drive
  • We’re on the right-hand side at 2680 Auto Plaza Drive

Pros and Cons to Leasing a Car

Leasing a vehicle can be an excellent choice for Manteca drivers. Leasing allows drivers to pay the residual value of the vehicle based on its expected value at the end of the lease term, rather than the full price. If you lease, your down payment will also be smaller — and since lease contracts usually run three years or less, you can have a newer vehicle while spending less money.

On the other hand, it’s worth considering that most lease contracts will limit the number of miles you can drive over the course of the lease. You are also restricted in terms of what alterations you can make to your vehicle.

Pros and Cons to Buying a Car

Buying a car also has benefits and if you like to keep your vehicle for a long time, then buying is the superior choice. Also, if you decide to buy you don’t have any of the restrictions you would have on a lease such as mileage limits or alteration constraints. So if you drive a lot and want the freedom to customize, buying is the way to go.

If you purchase a vehicle, you’ll be responsible for reselling it, meaning that you are taking more of a gamble with its resale value in the future. Buying also usually requires a larger down payment in contrast to leasing — and the smaller the down payment you have, the longer the term of your car loan will be, which means you could end up spending more over time.

Come to Tracy Mazda

Come by our dealership to talk about whether buying or leasing is a better option for you based on your driving needs, preferences, and budget. We are happy to assist all of our Manteca customers regardless of their financial situation. Contact one of our finance team members and let us help you find the right payment situation for you.