Exciting News About the Upcoming Mazda RX-9

December 27th, 2017 by

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The Mazda RX-9 isn’t set for release until 2020, and yet any hint of news is enough to set hearts racing across the automotive community. A possible development mule has just been spied outside Germany’s legendary Nürburgring, and experts are already speculating about:

  • Platform Type
  • Rotary Engine Development
  • Styling links to the Vision concept and RX-Vision concept

Let’s take a look at what we know so far.

What Can We Tell from Possible Mazda RX-9 Spy Shots?

To the untrained eye, spy shots might reveal nothing more than a standard Mazda RX-8, but the devil’s in the details. Peer a little closer to see:

  • An assortment of pipes concealed behind the front grille
  • Extra bracing around the front windscreen
  • Telemetry gear joined by other measurement equipment in the cabin

So, this is probably more than it first appears, and, while it gives only a scant impression of how a possible RX-9 would look, the setup does seem to favor rumors of a front-engine, rear-wheel drive platform.

What Do We Know About the Mazda RX-9?

Apart from the release year, Mazda is giving little away when it comes to the RX-9. We imagine it should be based around the 2015 RX-Vision concept and the 2017 Vision Coupe concept, which was just unveiled to universal acclaim at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Of course, how the Mazda RX-9 will look is only half the story – most experts are far more interested in the idea of a production rotary engine-powered car, and the Mazda RX-9 would seem a likely candidate. So far, Mazda has acknowledged that 50 engineers have been working to develop a new 16X two-rotor engine, and patents have been filed for a new rotary engine. It should offer:

  • Direct fuel injection
  • Turbocharging
  • A 23% greater displacement than the RX-8’s 1.3L
  • More than 400 hp
  • Aluminum end plates for lower weight

Innovation is part of what makes Mazda such a beloved manufacturer, and the RX-9 promises pioneering performance.

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